The Doctor Recommends – Best small youtubers you should see!

As a new youtuber I have discovered so many other interesting channels and videos out there, also made by small creators like myself. And they really deserve your attention! Since YouTube put out the new monetization requirements I’ve had an amazing amount of support from these small fellow you tubers. To give back to the community, I’m starting a playlist called: The Doctor Recommends.

 Written by: Marianne Eggink – Doctor Video’s sidekick

 A featured playlist

The playlist will feature video’s from small YouTube channels that might interest my viewers. For my recommendations I will be looking at videos with themes that fit my channel: movies, games, helpful videos and inspiring creatives.

I will pick up video’s for my playlist as I’m exploring YouTube myself, but if you want to be featured you can also fill out a form below.

Check out the list on Twitter!

Or on YouTube: Playlist – The Doctor Recommends


Want your video featured? I’m not promissing anything but you may submit ONE video below and I might feature it if it meets the requirements. (Anyone who spams their videos will be excluded.)