Why subscribing is important

How many times a day do you browse, watch or enjoy videos on YouTube? Is it silly cats, gaming videos, vlogs or how-to videos? And have you ever pressed that SUBSCRIBE button? I would like to take a minute to explain to you, why right now, is an important time to do so 🤓

YouTube is changing the rules of the game! What this means is that, to make a few cents of a video, a certain goal has to be reached first. This is what they’re changing:

Before, the goal was: at least 10.000 views

Now, it will be: at least 1000 subscribers AND 4000 hours of viewing within the past 12 months

🤔😱This is a bit disheartening for a new channel with barely 65 subscriptions! But we keep our head up high! I make my video’s because I ramble about movies anyways, it’s my passion and I love to share it! However, if at some point my hobby could pay for itself or even for my bills 😬, wow that would be a dream!

I believe that if we all stand together, as youtubers and video-consumers, this change will lead to a better YouTube. With less fake, duplicate or bot-channels and more space for small creatives like myself 🤗

So here is my request for you: when you open that YouTube app today and watch videos, ask yourself who made them and if they deserve your much needed support by simply clicking the subscribe button!